Videos : "Boat Balance"

Rigging and Sails: What they are and how they work together

Filmed in High Definition and Available in DVD and Blu-Ray DVD

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Boat Balance

Rigging and Sails:
What they are and how they work together

DVD $24.95 Quantity

Blu-Ray $34.95 Quantity Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by My Boat Works, LLC.

  • Highlights of Boat Balance:
  • • Butterfly Coil • Line Organization
  • • Standing and Running Rigging Working Together
  • • Sail Balance
  • • Jib Controls • Raising and Furling Jib
  • • Raising and Furling Main • Main Sail Controls
  • • Boom Vang
  • • Outhaul
  • • How and When to Reef
  • • Flaking Sails
  • • Sail Covers

If your boat is seaworthy and your rigging and sails are balanced as you will see in Boat Balance, your boat will comfortably, easily and safely sail better than ever in all kinds of weather!

Unlike other instructional programs that are little more than lectures in front of a camera with forgettable graphs and charts, Boat Balance clearly and simply shows you in stunning High Definition video, how sails, standing and running rigging work together, with close-up shots and plain explanations backed by beautiful on-the-water action shots, clearly showing the effect on the boat of each skill learned. Boat Balance not only teaches a coherent lesson plan with many tips but a simple, comprehensive framework of how it all goes together.

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